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September 29, 2016

Acne may HELP us and our skin age slower

This small study in twins found chromosome telomere length longer in those who suffered from acne, which is an indicator of slow aging.  My theory is the greasier the skin, the more moisturized, and unfortunately more acne.

Birth control pills may increase depression risk
Even though manufacturers already warn women that BCP can increase mood swings and worsen depression, this study found women were 23% more likely to be on an antidepressant strengthening the link

High blood pressure in kids affects their thinking

In adults, many don’t notice effects of their high blood pressure hence “the silent killer”. But when children with high blood pressure were studied, they appeared to perform worse on cognitive tests.
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September 28, 2016


Zika might be transmissible through sweat


The Salt Lake City case where a gentlemen contracted Zika while taking care of his elderly father who died of Zika complications prompted the discussion of how one contracts Zika if not through travel, mosquitoes or sex.  Its been concluded the caretaker’s lack of glove use while wiping tears and moving his father was the cause of his infection and therefore Zika was possibly transmitted through tears and sex. A related study found Zika to be present in tears as well.

Secondhand smoke more dangerous than previously thought

Second hand smoke could put people at risk for lung disease, cancer and heart disease. But many don’t realize they are being exposed.  Blood levels of cotinine maybe more accurate than questionaires to determine one’s expsoure to second hand smoke.

First “artificial pancreas” approved by the FDA for diabetes

The MiniMed 670G will measure blood sugar every 5 minutes and deliver or withhold insulin as needed.  This will help type I diabetics whose pancreas’ do not produce insulin appropriately to regulate their sugar.

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician

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September 27, 2016

92% of the world breathes “unbreathable” air
The pollutants in the air exceed WHO limits and partiulates such as sulphates, ammonia, black carbon and mineral dust, just to name a few, have been cited as being responsible for many pollution-related deaths
Baby created with DNA from three parents
The child was born in Mexico to American parents who lost two children due to an inherited neurological disorder, Leigh Syndrome.  It is unsure if this means the child gets more Christmas gifts.  An American physician performed the procedure by removing the mother’s defective mitochondrial DNA with “healthier DNA” and then combining the father’s sperm to the egg.
Children’s concussions jump 70% in the last 5 years
More males appeared to get sports related concussions, but over the last 5 years more females were diagnosed.  Fall seems to have higher incidence due to football and the Northeast part of the country seemed to be harder hit. This study was based on medical claims submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield which could skew results if the South utilizes other insurance carriers for their pediatric populations

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician

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Sex Found to Make Men Religious

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP


Many men already pray after they have sex.   “I pray my girlfriend doesn’t find out!”, “Please don’t let her get pregnant”, or even “I hope I didn’t get The Clap!!”

But this is something different.

In this study coming out of North Carolina University, researchers tested what happens to men when they receive oxytocin, known as the “love” or “cuddle” hormone.  Not to be confused with Oxycontin (an opiate), oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the pituitary when when we snuggle or have a bonding experience. It helps women go into labor, lactate and bond with their baby.  It’s multiple effects are sometimes summarized as those that transcend us to a higher emotional level.  So it seems logical that test subjects receiving this hormone may want to be closer to the Lord.

And oxytocin is released during sex.  Now the men in this study were not subjected to acts of sex. They were merely given the hormone or a placebo.  Those who were given oxytocin were more likely to be spiritual and being “interconnected” with other people and living things.  Did they actually get on their knees and pray, I don’t believe so. But this study illuminates that rewards from sex could be more than just physical and emotional. They could be spiritual.

So the next time you want to convince your husband to go to church or temple, rather than calling his mother to guilt him into it, a little nookie, nookie might do the trick.

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician



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September 26, 2016

Disneyland trip could help dislodge kidney stones

Many of us with kidney stones are told NOT to ride a roller coaster as they could dislodge. In this new study, however, roller coasters, such as those at Disneyland/World/Six Flags could be just what the patient needs to help them to pass.

Morning sickness hints to a HEALTHY pregnancy
It appears that those who experience the notorious nausea and vomiting were 50-75% less likely to experience subsequent miscarriage in those who had a first one.
90% of teens don’t get enough exercise
Exercise shouldn’t stop when PE isn’t required anymore, and its recommended that most teens get at least one hour of exercise a day.  Sex should not count. And strength building exercises help their bones as well.

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician

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Today’s Health Headlines

September 26, 2016

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP

“Medical Tattoos” can ease patient’s anxiety about their surgical scars

This small study looked at patient satisfaction of “medical tattoos” that could increase pigmentation in hypopigmented areas, or add color, or hide surgical scars.

Corroding pipes hide drug resistant bacteria

Even though water may be treated with chlorine at the treatment plant, bacteria such as Legionella, Mycobacteria, and Pseudomonas can lurk in the pipes and travel with the water as it enters homes.

FDA warns many seniors could be at risk for dangerous drug interactions

As many seniors take multiple medications and over the counter supplements they run the risk of serious drug interactions. The FDA recommends they be forthcoming with their medical provider, learn about drug interactions, keep a log of their medications and supplements and listen to their medical provider’s instructions on medication dosing.


Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network and Board Certified Family Physician


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Using the NFL Injury Report to predict this week’s winners

Don’t gripe.  We’ve done pretty well in season’s past.  Here we go! Picks in bold.


Thursday night BENGALS vs Dolphins – Groin and Concussions sink the Dolphins


COLTS vs Jaguars: Hamstring

PANTHERS vs Falcons: groin injury

RAIDERS vs Ravens

LIONS vs. Bears

TITANS vs Texans

PATRIOTS vs Bills: Bills report a groin injury

Seahawks vs JETS

Browns vs REDSKINS: this was tight. both had groin and hamstring injuries

BRONCOS vs Buccaneers

RAMS vs Cardinals

SAINTS vs Chargers

COWBOYS vs 49ers: appeared to tie with hamstring, but 49ers had a hip injury

CHIEFS vs Steelers

Giants vs VIKINGS: Groin and concussion injury sink the Giants

We pray that no one gets hurt and those who do recover quickly.  Here’s to a safe season of one of the best sports ever!!  FOOTBALL!!

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network and Board Certified Family Physician


Reviewing the NFL Injury report ( and using the Dr. Daliah methods (described below), one arrives at the following picks (winner predicted in bold and in caps):

CARDINALS vs Bills:  The Bills had a groin injury

VIKINGS – Panthers: The Panthers have hamstring injuries

BRONCOS vs. Bengals: close one but the hamstring injury among the Bengels gives it to the Broncos

LIONS vs Packers:  groin and concussion injuries hurt the Packers

RAVENS vs Jaguars :  A concussion sinks the Jaguars

BROWNS vs Dolphins: Miami’s groin injury sinks them

GIANTS vs Redskins:  Again, someone’s groin injury hurts the whole entire team

TITANS vs Raiders:  Two concussions and a groin injury can’t be ignored

SEAHAWKS vs 49’s:  San Francisco reports a concussion

RAMS vs Buccaneers:  This one’s close but the hip injury sinks Tampa Bay

STEELERS vs Eagles:  This one’s close but we have to follow the hamstring injury

CHARGERS vs Colts:  Again, tight but the Colts report a concussion

JETS vs Chiefs:  Ehinger’s concussion can’t be ignored

COWBOYS vs Bears:  Two concussions make this a Dallas win

We pray that no one gets hurt and those who do recover quickly.  Here’s to a safe season of one of the best sports ever!!  FOOTBALL!!

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network and Board Certified Family Physician


For years I’ve been dissecting the NFL Injury Report and predicting who would win during the playoffs and Superbowl. When you’re a doctor who loves football, its not that difficult.

So my success has prompted me to make the risky move of posting my strategy and results.  There are varying levels of theory, just like layers of the epidermis.  And each deeper layer of prediction should confirm the simpler ones.  But if I can’t scientifically deduce the winner, I wing it.

Method 1 – Number game

Let’s take for example Thursday night’s game between the Jets and the Bills.  According the NFL injury report, there were 6 injuries reported for the Jets and 8 for the Bills.  A novice may just say 6 is less than 8 so the Jets will win.  But as a physician, this is not good enough.   We need to also look at the types of injuries.

Method 2 – Anatomy counts

According to the NFL Injury report, the Jets sustained injuries to the calf, foot, shoulders and ankle.  The Bills sustained injuries to the foot, ankle, knee, shoulder, but also hamstring.  Yes, Kevon Seymor’s hamstring injury is very telling. Why?

Think about when you were playing football.  If you hurt a finger you still played.  If you sprained your knee, you toughed it out. But what happened when you sustained a groin injury.  You were leveled.  Probably couldn’t even get up.  So any injury involving the groin is physically devastating for a player, and from a psychological standpoint, the whole team.

If a groin injury specifically is not incurred and reported by the NFL injury report, then you look at the injuries closest to the groin.  A head injury is also very concerning so that will come after groin.  Hence the scale from most devastating to least in terms of injured body parts listed is:

Groin < head < hip< < glute < quad < hamstring  < abdomen < chest < knee < shoulder < calf < arm < ankle < foot < wrist < hand < finger < toe.  

The Bill’s hamstring injury is closer to the groin than any other injury hence the team wasn’t looking very good for Thursday night’s game.

If specific injuries are not listed, we can sometimes count how many did not participate in practice.

Method 3 – Colors 

In case of a tie….meaning both teams sustained equal numbers of groin injuries or subsequent proximal body parts, we look to the main colors of the Jersey.  Black, Blue, Green and Yellow will fare worse than White and Red, Brown. In medicine, Black may happen with necrosis, Blue is associated with hypoxia, Green- mucous, Yellow – gonorrhea.  White and Red are fairly routine and healthy colors in medicine (bones and blood).  Silver and Purple are colors that are fairly neutral as we usually don’t see those colors on a routine basis in medicine unless with hair.

Therefore, the color scale from most problematic to least is:

Black < Blue < Yellow < Green < Orange < Purple < Silver < White < Red.

Again this is only used if predictions cannot be made due to an anatomical tie.  Again I must stress we do not use the color method unless we are unable to predict using the NFL injury report.

With Thursday night’s game, the Jets wore white and the Bills wore blue.   But despite this method, the Bills were at a disadvantage with the hamstring injury all along.

So what will happen this Sunday?  Let’s use what we learned to predict the winners!!

(9 out of 14 not too bad……..)

49’s vs. Panthers  

3 Ankle injuries and 1 Hamstring vs. 1 Ankle Injury and 1 Hamstring

Prediction:  Panthers


Raven’s vs. Browns

I see a thigh injury for the Ravens and all the Brown’s participated in practice

Prediction:  Browns


Titans vs. Lions

2 Hamstring injuries vs. none listed.  We will have to assume that the Lions did not have such heavy weighted injures.

Prediction:  Lions


Chiefs vs. Texans

No injuries vs 1 knee and 1 calf injury

Prediction:  Chiefs


Dolphins vs. Patriots

1 Hamstring, 2 Knees and 1 ankle vs. none listed

Prediction:  Patriots


Saints vs. Giants

Two quad inujries vs. 1 illness and 1 shoulder

Prediction:  Giants


Bengals vs. Steelers

2 Ankles vs foot, ankle, knees

Prediction:  Bengals


Cowboys vs. Redskins

1 Achilles, 2 Back, 1 Groin vs. 1 Groin, 1 Achilles, 1 Rib and 1 Glute (Glute is in the tushee, devastating)

Prediction:  Cowboys


Buccaneers vs Cardinals

The hamstring injury sinks the Buccaneers

Prediction:  Cardinals


Seahawks vs Rams

1 ankle vs 2 thigh injuries

Prediction: Seahawks


Colts vs Broncos

Concussion and Hamstring vs. ankle and hip, and others

Prediction:  Broncos


Falcons vs. Raiders

The Raiders had both a groin and concussion injury. not good

Prediction: Falcons


Jaguars vs. Chargers

Hamstring and “not injury related” vs. Hamstring.  Hmm. Something’s up so….

Prediction: Chargers


Packers vs. Vikings

A concussion was incurred by a panther’s player vs a Viking’s hip injury.

Prediction: Vikings


We pray that no one gets hurt and those who do recover quickly.  Here’s to a safe season of one of the best sports ever!!  FOOTBALL!!

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network and Board Certified Family Physician

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Today’s Health Headlines

New angina treatment targets a VEIN

Angina is a disease that affects the heart where arteries to the heart spasm and do not conduct blood properly.  Most treatments target these arteries, however, in this new development, doctors are targeting the coronary sinus. This collection of veins drains the heart and if narrowed with an hourglass stent, surrounding arteries dilate and feed the heart

One in five people admit to not brushing their teeth on the weekend

1 in 4 blame having a hangover, and 25%  brush their teeth for less than one minute.  My guess is they don’t have successful love lives.

Transplant recipients have higher risk of skin cancer

Organ transplant recipients are placed on immuno suppresive drugs which  an increase their risk of skin cancer.

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Today’s Health Headlines

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Fitness trackers found to be NOT helpful in losing weight
 Although short term studies pointed to initial weight loss benefits, long term results of fitness trackers actually demonstrated weight GAIN.  This could possibly be due to people concentrating less to what they eat because they think they’re ahead of the game wearing the tracker


Smoking found to permanently alter DNA

Even in those who quit smoking, some genes still demonstrated DNA changes 30 years later.


Stress may wash out health benefits from a good diet

It appears women who live stressful lives do not enjoy the health benefits of a good diet as compared to those who are non-stressed as inflammatory markers were not neutralized by eating healthy as hoped in this study.
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split – what’s next?


Their 12-year relationship appeared to end abruptly this week with the news of Angelina Jolie filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. Citing “irreconcilable differences” the couple who met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” resulting in Brad’s divorce from Jennifer Aniston in 2005, appeared to initially withstand many pressures that cause traditional couples to buckle.  A large family, heavy work load, public scrutiny, and health problems were just a few of the stressors, and the world looked upon Brangelina as the couple who could “withstand it all”.

And many of us did not see this coming.  The couple in August, who had just finished celebrating their second anniversary, told People Magazine that they were “ready to grow old” together. They have six beautiful children: Maddox 15, Pax 12, Zahara 11, Shiloh 10, Knox 8, and Vivienne 8.  Their net worth is estimated close to $5oo million.  So what happens next?

The children

According to court documents, the couple split September 15th, 2016 and Angelina Jolie is filing for physical custody with Brad Pitt having visitation rights.  Tabloids are fueling rumors of Brad’s drinking and parenting techniques, which could prompt a child abuse investigation, but a source close to the couple suggests that both sides would like to avoid a long and drawn out custody battle and opt for an amicable settlement instead.


The millions

Forbes estimates that since tying the knot in 2014, Brad and Angelina have earned a combined $117 million and have accumulated $500 million net worth. Their real estate holdings are impressive as well, including a French villa, a mansion in New Orleans, a home in Hollywood and an apartment in New York.  They couple also owns a foundation together, established in 2006.  At this time, details of allotment are still being ironed out and there has not been talk of a preexisting agreement such as a prenuptial.  However, if the custody battle turns vicious, we would expect the division of assets to be as well.


The fans

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up, millions of fans felt they had to choose a side.  The side many took, however, was unexpected.  Anti-Angelina Jolie sentiment grew as people blamed her for the Brad and Jennifer divorce, and Angelina had to win people over harder than ever with her charitable work, acting, and strength when facing health issues.  We suspect her fan base will still be loyal but Brad may come out ahead in this one.


Celebrity divorces run the risk of turning ugly as media and tabloids fuel the fury and chaos.  The couple known to “withstand it all” hopefully can do just that and get through this difficult time with dignity, compassion for their children and privacy.


Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician