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Tuesday September 20, 2016

Having a vasectomy should not increase risk of prostate cancer

Although a previous study in 2014 suggested a link, recent studies are finding no direct association between a vasectomy and prostate cancer. Smoking and obesity are more of a risk than getting the snip.

5 year-olds may be at risk for suicide

Although rare, this study found an increased rate of suicide among black youths aged 5-11 compared to caucasians , although black teens seemed to have less suicide rates than white teens.  Suffocation and strangulation appeared to be the most common methods in young children, reminding us of the urgent need to screen our pediatric patients for depression as well.


“Too Many” Antibiotics still being prescribed

Between 2006 and 2012, 55% of hospital patients were prescribed antibiotics during their stay “whether they needed it or not” according the CDC.

Multiple factors could be contributing to this such as concern over nosocomial infections, liability and patient readmission. But to avoid further evolution of multiple drug resistant organisms, the UN will address this at their General Assembly

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician




Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Assistant Professor Touro University Nevada

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