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The Three E’s in Communication: Engage, Educate and Enlist

A couple years ago I wrote this for Michael Harrison’s TALKERS magazine.  Some of my listeners remember this and asked why recently I’ve shortened the communication pearl from 5 E’s (Engage, Entrust, Educate, Enlist and Entertain) down to 3 (Engage, Educate and Enlist).

To Engage, Educate, and Enlist works in any scenario. Whether you’re a spouse, parent, marketing executive, debate participant, show host, or even clergy…..we need to engage our audience, then educate them on our topic, and then enlist them to take action.  See the below examples:

Example 1:  Kids not eating vegetables

Engage: Do you want to be big and strong like Daddy?  Educate:  Daddy has muscles because he eats healthy and what mommy puts on his plate.  Enlist:  so eat your vegetables.

Example 2: Wife unhappy you’re not returning texts

Engage: you ignore my texts. What would you do if I didn’t respond for 8 hours?  Educate:  I worry about you and end up calling the police to file a missing person’s report! Enlist: Please answer your texts!

Example 3: Doctor convincing a patient to have a colonoscopy when they declined due to embarrassment

Engage:  I had a colonoscopy as well.  Wasn’t excited about the idea of a camera inside my colon.  Educate:  But there are no other procedures that look at the inside of you colon, can biopsy, and be painless (if sedated) all at the same time such  as a colonoscopy to look at your problem.  Enlist: See the gastroenterologist and discuss the procedure in detail so you can get your concerns addressed.

Entrusting is crucial as is entertaining, but we all have a difficult time remembering the three E’s let alone 5.  So the Three E’s are what we have to work with.  Here was the previous article I wrote for my radio peeps.


From July 2015  Talker’s Magazine

A few weeks back I was invited to speak at a meeting filled with wall to wall physicians. Although topics such as “The Caloric Content of Mucous” or “The Hemorrhoid will Haunt You” would have made any attendee’s mouth water, I chose to discuss “How to Communicate with Patients and the Psychology of the Listener“.
I was shocked to see that the physicians quickly put down their smart phones, hastily finishing their Angry Birds Game, to learn that the average person, whether they are a patient, television viewer, radio listener, or meeting attendee, wants to listen to someone who will Engage, Entrust, Educate, Enlist, and most importantly, Entertain…hence the 5 E’s.
News/Talk will never die. Our society has become a very impatient society where we want our news and information fast. In the mornings, we’ll mutlitask by drinking our coffee, eating our breakfast, listening to the morning talk show all while driving our morning commute. By the time we leave our cars, we hope we have been brought “up to speed” whether it was local news, entertainment scoop, or national headlines. The same goes with PM drive home. People listen to Rush to get the latest on the Obama Administration. They’ll listen to Bob Brinker, Dave Ramsey, or Clark Howard to get the latest on financial strategies. They’ll listen to my show to be brought up to date with latest medical advancements and health news. Thus consciously, radio listeners want to be satisfied. Remember, If a listener is going to give a host 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes of their time, they’re going to want a return on their investment.
Subconsciously, the listener wants to be entertained. Why should he listen to one show over the other? He can get his news or information on a variety of stations…but yours is the one he’ll keep coming back to. Whether its your voice, your humor, your upbeat bumper music, your philosophy…all these work on one’s subconscious, playing on one’s cerebral frontal cortex….oh I digress….

So as radio hosts, we need to follow the 5 E’s :

Engage – grab the listener. As one flips through stations he only gives 3 full seconds to decide if he’s going to stay on the frequency or not. Grab him!
Entrust – why should he listen to you? What makes you an expert? Why should he trust you to be the source of his daily dose of information?
Educate – you’ve engaged him, he trusts you, now give him the information he craves.
Enlist – give listeners something to do. Email, call, write their Congressman, eat better, get a blood test, prepare they’re house for a hurricane, sell their stocks, whatever..but most importantly, Tune in Again!!!
And finally, while you’re doing all this, entertain their gluteus’s off. Make them want to come back to you since you engaged them, earned their trust, gave them a great education, enlisted them, and thoroughly entertained them.
Easy, huh…a colonic of these five E’s is just what this doctor orders……



                                                                                                         Medical Spanish made easy

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio and Board Certified Family Physician



Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Assistant Professor Touro University Nevada

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