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Home Alone John Heard’s Death Ruled a Heart Attack

Home Alone actor, John Heard, died of heart attack July 21.  The Santa Clara County Medical Examiner’s Office reported his heart attack was the result of “atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease.”

In July Heard was found dead at a hotel in Palo Alto, California days after having minor back surgery.

Atherosclerotic heart disease occurs when cholesterol-forming plaques line the arteries and prevent adequate blood flow to heart muscle.  Hypertensive heart disease occurs when high blood pressure accelerates heart disease by constricting blood flow and by enlarging the heart (thickening the heart muscle),  thereby leading to heart failure.

Born March 7, 1945 in Washington DC, Heard’s acting career started on stage in the off-Broadway play, The Wager, in 1974.  His film career including television and big screen spanned over 4 decades including this year, with IMDb reporting roles in multiple films in their post production stage soon to be released.

John Heard was 72.



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