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“Smart Underwear” Helps Prevent Back Pain

“Smart Underwear” has been designed by Vanderbilt University Engineers to help ease stress on the user’s low back.

The undergarment is made of nylon, polyester and Lycra and feels like normal clothing.  It contains straps along the chest and rubber along the lower back and buttocks.



Vanderbuilt University

The device can be activated by the user directly or by a mobile phone app.  When needed, the elastic bands take over some of the work done by spinal muscles and ligaments.

Lead researcher, Karl Zelik, states, “As a person leans forward or lifts an object, his or her trunk and hips flex, and buttocks naturally protrudes backwards. When wearing the smart undergarment, these motions stretch the embedded elastic bands which run in parallel to the spine.”

Testing on subjects revealed a decrease on lower muscle activity by 15-45 percent when they bent 30, 60 and 90 degrees.

Half of all Americans at some point suffer from low back pain.  Many times medications are not needed but modalities such as manipulation, massage, acupuncture, muscle stimulation and ultrasound.

Now if the underwear can help us with constipation and gas…..



                                                                                                         Medical Spanish made easy

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network and Board Certified Family Physician



Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Author

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