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Bigger the Breasts? Bigger the Cold…..

For those of us who think big-breasted women are lucky, think again.  A study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior finds those with larger breasts may suffer a cold longer than those who are smaller cupped.

Authors looked at 163 young, non-pregnant, non-lactating, Caucasian Polish female students, and after an extensive study design with surveys, hormone levels and measurements concluded that larger breast size correlated negatively with respiratory health, “breast size was positively related to respiratory infections and two of its components, average duration of illness and frequency of antibiotic use (Table 1, Fig. 2), indicating that women with larger breasts experienced longer episodes of respiratory diseases and took antibiotics more frequently.”

This mirrored previous studies linking large breast size to diabetes and breast cancer.

One would think that large breasts would put a little more distance between others but that didn’t seem to correlate.  Some hypothesize that the fat stores decrease one’s immunity and can increase antibiotic resistance.  And some believe the breasts provide a trampoline for pathogens to bounce from.

Should Large-Breasted Women have a Reduction to Protect their Health?

Moreover, us large breasted women are always distracted but activities such as straightening our bra straps, covering up when we bend forward, and losing our keys.  It’s difficult to wash your hands thoroughly in the sink when you can’t see them.

Hence, women like myself can overcome this handicap by storing hand sanitizer in our bras.

What is the average breast size in the US?



According to, the average size is 34 DD.  They also list on their site, how countries differ in breast size:

Average cup size in Australia: D
Average cup size in Brazil: B
Average cup size in Canada: DD
Average cup size in France: A
Average cup size in Germany: D
Average cup size in Ireland: D
Average cup size in Italy: A
Average cup size in Japan: A
Average cup size in Mexico: B
Average cup size in New Zealand: D
Average cup size in Russia: B
Average cup size in Singapore: < A
Average cup size in Spain: C
Average cup size in UK: D
Average cup size in USA (Caucasian): > DDD
Average cup size in USA (non-Caucasian): DD

Why Do Breasts Droop Over Time?

As obesity and BMI’s rise, so can cup sizes as well as certain health risks. Bigger does not always mean better…..


Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, KDWN, and iHeart Radio.


Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Author

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