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las vegas “bans” capital letters in support of golden knights

the las vegas war cry as the knights ready to battle against the washington capitals for the stanley cup is #nocaps.



eye chart no caps with name.jpg

eye chart lower case letters


this week the iconic “welcome to las vegas” sign was photoshopped, donning its support with all lower case letters, thanks to las vegas county officials.

98.5 radio host chet buchanan might have launched one of the most brilliant fan decrees seen in modern sports.

“knight up days” have also been declared on those days where the knights and capitals play for the stanley cup.

knight'd up

playoff games are scheduled for the following (pacific):

  • game 1: may 28 at vegas, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)
    game 2: may 30 at vegas, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)
    game 3: june 2 at washington, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)
    game 4: june 4 at washington, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)
    *game 5: june 7 at vegas, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)
    *game 6: june 10 at washington, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)
    *game 7: june 13 at vegas, 5 p.m. (nbc, cbc, sportsnet, fubotv)


daliah wachs, md, faafp is a nationally syndicated radio personality on gcn network, iheart radio, kdwn…..

she is also a board certified family physician and assistant professor at touro university nevada

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The Golden Knights: Why They Continue to Win

Image above from Forbes


The inaugural success of NHL’s newest team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, has smashed records. Whether its their multiple winning streaks, or the fact that in February they broke the record for most points by an expansion team in their inaugural season, the Knights have had a run like no other.

Now they are on their way to the Stanley Cup!

How?  Beginner’s Luck?  Nope.  Not in the least.  The Knights were destined to succeed from the beginning.  Here’s my psychological take….


Vegas Baby!!

The excitement surrounding the Entertainment Capital of the World is infectious.  The home of the Golden Knights, T-Mobile Arena, is actually on the Strip (resort corridor).   Where lights and dazzle brighten the sky and headliners bathe in standing ovations, Las Vegas offers a launching pad into fame.  You can’t miss. Talent and electricity create the perfect environment for a break out star, or star team.




We Built This City

The Las Vegas Valley is home to 2 million people.  Residents not only support the tourism industry but a city that has built phenomenal schools, medical centers, universities, parks, and just about everything any metropolis across the nation has.  So when the birth of a hockey team came down the canal, a city so strong and passionate was committed to nurturing this creation, ensuring its success.




The Perfect Recipe

A professional ice hockey team put together by General Manager George McPhee, with Head Coach Gerard Gallant, goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, and players such as Karlsson, Marchessault, Neal, Tuch, Reaves, to name a few, were the perfect ingredients to make NHL gold.  True, the doubling of the NHL by adding six new expansion teams did allow for high-caliber players to be drafted and traded but the advantage wasn’t unique to the Knights alone. New opportunities provide the freshness and clean state needed to create a masterpiece, whether its art, food, or sports.



Image by Yahoo Sports

Icing on the Cake

So maybe the Golden Knights didn’t officially “start from scratch.” But for the most part they were not expected to crush first season.  So every win was a happy surprise and each loss was considered par for the course.  Odds were against them and very few of us (except for me) thought the playoffs were ever within their reach.  With no pressing expectations, they could build on each win’s momentum.  Psychologically this is a jet stream that can take a team to the playoffs.


So can they win it ?!!  Yes, …but it helps if no one’s expecting it…..


Go Knights Go!



knight'd up.jpg


Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, iHeart Radio.

She is also a Board Certified Family Physician and Assistant Professor at Touro University Nevada